Why Do You Need Life Insurance

By | August 25, 2020

Many people are hesitating to get a life insurance for a number of reasons. Especially in this time of crisis that a virus is widely spreading but hesitant to buy life insurance because of budget concerns.

This is perfectly acceptable reason.

But admit it or not, nobody knows what is going to happen in the future. And that is what I am going to tell you about in this post.

013 Why Do You Need A Life Insurance

Why Do You Need Life Insurance

Here are some of the reasons you may have;

1. You have a high risk or hazardous job

Maybe, the nature of your job is somewhat life threatening such as working on a chemical industry.

Or in a construction industry that requires you work in a construction site. A law enforcer.

A medical personnel that is exposed on different kind of diseases, or a driver that requires you to drive for long hours.

I recommend that you get your own life insurance if you work on such industries alike.

2. You have dependents

If you have a kid that is not yet able to work for himself, a housewife taking care of your kids, or aging parents that needs your support, then you should consider getting a life insurance.

There is no one to blame if you are on a situation like this.

Because you have dependents, you have to make sure that if something bad happens to you, your family will receive a good amount for your funeral.

And as a replacement to your income for a few years until they can provide for themselves.

3. You have debts

If you have debts, mortgage or loans, then consider getting a life insurance.

The amount your family will receive should be enough to cover for your debts.

Because your debt will not go away when you die especially when you have a written agreement like car loans or housing loans.

There are companies that will forfeit this kind of loans if something unpleasant happens to you though.

This will also be a reminder for you to review your terms with your creditor.

Visit Blogging Away Debt to further enhance your knowledge about managing credits and getting out of debt.

4. You are self employed

You don’t have an employer to cover some of your family’s expenses when you die unexpectedly.

It is all on you because you are self employed.

There are benefits or promos for small businesses owners depending on the company.

Try contacting one of your insurance agent friends if they know something about these promos.

Some give high policy and low premium for a longer time coverage.

To have peace of mind

As we grow older, our income income is increasing but our responsibilities are also increasing.

Buying life insurance will have an impact on your budget but will also provide you a peaceful mind.

And that is the most important thing about having a life insurance.

So I suggest you go ahead shop around. There are many respected companies in the country that can help you out in securing your own life insurance.


I am not an insurance agent nor connected to any life insurance companies. And I am not going to have any referral fee if you buy from these companies.

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